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Creating an event

Event forms are customizable, so the form you use to create an event may not include all components listed here. If you have questions about filling out the event form, contact your Administrator.

Watch the video tutorial:

Click to watch the Creating an Event video Click to watch the Creating an Event Series video

How to create an event

  • Click on Create an Event in the side navigation menu.


Submitting the event

  1. Click Terms and Conditions to review any terms that have been defined for this event form and then click Agree. *Note: This link will only appear if Terms and Conditions have been defined for this event form.
  2. When you have finished entering all necessary information on the event form, click the Submit button found at the bottom of the form. *Note: If you are in the Approval Process for this event, submitting the event will be treated as your approval of the event. If approval of another user is also required before the event can be published, the event will show in their approval queue.
  3. In the window that appears, click Save.