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Creating and managing a contact or contractor

The Contact List page displays all contacts and contractors available to associate with records throughout SmartGov. You can create new contacts or contractors and manage existing contacts or contractors from this page.

Creating a new contact or contractor

  1. Click Common in the navigation menu, then click Contacts.
  2. Select Contact List.
  3. Click the Create New button.
  4. You can designate if this contact is a contractor by checking the Contractor box. This will add an additional section for entering the contractor's license information.
  5. Enter the contact's identifying information.
    • A Contact will include fields for First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and Display Name.
    • A Contractor will include a field for Display Name.
  6. If this contact is a contractor, you will see a Contractor License section.
    1. Click Add to associate any relevant licenses to this contractor.
    2. Enter a License Number.
    3. Select a License Type. *Note: Contractor license types are configured through the Jurisdiction Lookup Values page.
    4. Use the Expires field to note when the license will expire.
    5. Select if the license is the contractor's Primary license. *Note: A Primary license must be selected.
    6. If this license is suspended, check the box in the Susp column.
    7. Repeat this process to add any additional licenses.
  7. Enter the contact or contractor's Mailing Address.
    • If the contact has an international address, check the International box to provide additional international mailing address information.
    • If the address is Unknown, check the box to auto-populate the required address information with placeholders.
  8. Click Create. The page will refresh to display additional tabs.