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Contact custom attributes

Custom Attributes are jurisdiction defined fields that display on the Details tab of a contact and allow you to capture a wide variety of data types associated with the specific contact record.

Adding a custom attribute

  1. Click on Administration in the navigation menu, then select Contact Setup.
  2. Click Custom Attributes. *Note: SSN (Social Security Number) is a predefined PII custom attribute for all jurisdictions.
  3. Click Create New.
  4. Enter a Name and a Description.
  5. Ensure the Active box is checked to display the attribute on the Details tab.
  6. Check the Required box to make this value required.
  7. Check the Read Only box to prevent this value from being changed.
  8. Use the Display order field to order the attributes on the Details tab.
  9. Select an appropriate Type.
  1. Once all custom attribute information has been entered, click Save.
  2. Repeat this process to add any additional custom attributes.