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Managing your citizen portal account

Once your account has been set up and you are logged into the Citizen Portal, your account information can be managed from the My Account link in the top right corner of the page. You have access to edit your contact information, view payment history, manage email notifications, and enter your access code.


  1. Click the Business or Full Name from the top right corner.
  2. Click My Account.

Managing email addresses

  1. Click Edit in the Email section.

Add another email

  1. Click Add another email.
  2. Enter the New email address.
  3. Enter your current Password.
  4. Click Save to finalize the changes. *Note: This will trigger the verification email to be sent to the email address you have provided. If you do not receive an email shortly after clicking Save, please check your spam/junk folder.
  5. Once you receive the verification email, you must click the Verify button to associate this email address to your account.

Set a primary email

While multiple email addresses can be associated with an account, only the primary email address will receive email notifications.

  1. Select the Primary Email in the Manage Email Addresses section.
  2. Enter your current Password.
  3. Click Save to finalize the changes.

Remove an email

  1. Click Remove next to the appropriate email address. *Note: You are not able to remove the email address listed as the Primary Email.
  2. A confirmation will display notifying you that the email has been deleted.

Managing email notifications

When your account is created, you are subscribed to all email notifications by default. However, you can unsubscribe from any notifications that you do not need to receive. *Note: Email notifications defined in this section will be sent to your primary email address.


  1. Click Manage Email Notifications.
  2. The box next to Receive Email Notifications can be unchecked to disable all email notifications for your Citizen Portal account.
  3. You can click Select All to activate all email notifications or Clear All to deactivate all email notifications. You can do this for both the Permitting and Licenses sections. *Note: Your account may not display some sections depending on the configuration setup by the jurisdiction.
  4. To unsubscribe from individual notifications, uncheck the box next to each email notification you do not need to receive.


       Bright Idea:

Below are some suggestions on the notifications that might be beneficial to stay subscribed to:

  • Notify when a permit/license is submitted
  • Notify when a permit/license is issued
  • Notify when a permit/license is cancelled
  • Notify when a permit/license is closed
  • Notify when a permit/license is approved
  • Notify when a permit submittal version is created with a deficiency report
  • Notify when a permit/license inspection is scheduled
  • Notify when a permit/license inspection is completed


  1. Click Save once you have made all necessary changes.

Managing your password

  1. Click Edit in the Password section.
  2. Enter your Current Password.
  3. Enter your New Password and then Re-Type New Password.
  4. Click Save.

Managing your contact information

  1. Click Edit in the Contact section.
  2. Update any contact information as necessary.
  3. Click Save.

Viewing your payment history

  1. Click the Payment History link.
  2. On this page, you will see all payments associated with your account. *Note: This page will show all payments made using the Citizen Portal as well as any payments made in the jurisdiction office.
  3. Click the receipt number to view the receipt associated with that payment.

Entering your access code

  1. Click the Access Code link.
  2. Enter the Access Code to associate your account with any applications you have already applied for or need access to. *Note: If you do not have an access code, contact the jurisdiction for more information.
  3. Click Submit.