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Managing your license application

Once you have submitted your initial license application, your jurisdiction may need further information in order to process and issue your license. You must be logged in to the Citizen Portal to manage your license application. You will receive email notifications throughout the application process depending on the email notifications you are set up to receive. You may also be able to renew your license application on the Citizen Portal. *Note: This feature may not be available depending on the configuration set up by your jurisdiction.

Accessing the license

  1. Click Go on the My Portal section from the home page.
  2. Click View on the My Applications section. This will display a list of all applications you have submitted.
  3. Navigate to the Licenses section and locate the license you need to view.
  4. Click the License Number in the # column.


Managing the license

The sections that display on a license depend on the license type. The options below may not display on the license you are viewing.