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Checking in documents from Bluebeam

Check in your documents via Bluebeam to prevent loss of information by establishing revision control, and versioning of the changes made to your documents.

Checking in documents from Bluebeam

This step is typically carried out by a Permit Technician.

  1. Open the permit you are processing by searching in SmartGov or clicking on the permit from your User To-Do List. *Note: If workflow steps have been configured as suggested above, the Permit Technician should see the notification in their To-Do List once all plan reviewers have completed their workflow steps.
  2. Click the Submittals tab.
  3. Hover over the EPlan Options button at the bottom of the submittals tab and select Check In From E-Plan Review
  4. A window will display that lists the files that will be checked in. Click Continue with Check In. *Note: This process may take a while. You can continue working within SmartGov while the files are being checked in.
    • A confirmation window will display that E-Plans have been checked in. Click Got It to exit out of the window.
  5. If your check in job has errors, you will see an error icon ( ) next to the submittal name.
    1. Hover over the EPlan Options button at the bottom of the submittals tab and select Check In Messages to view the error message received from Bluebeam.
    2. You can also click the error icon ( ) to open the submittal details window.
      • Click View Messages in the Check in / Checkout messages column.

External documents

SmartGov offers the ability to quickly upload documents added to a Bluebeam project during the check in process, from within Bluebeam. This allows a jurisdiction to utilize SmartGov as the "system of record" for all documentation pertaining to the permit. These documents are added as attachments to a note identified with a source of Bluebeam.

Create a deficiency report and begin a new cycle

If a permit type is configured for cycling and any workflow step on the permit has been set to deficient, another cycle will be required. Steps to end a cycle, reviewing new responses, and completing a review can be found on the Permit Cycles Tab page. Monitor the Cycle List page to manage and generate deficiency reports for the cycles.