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Permitting: Cycles tab

The Cycles tab allows you to manage the permit life cycle to distribute reviews across unified cycles and decrease the processing time for a permit. Using a cycle allows reviewers to create deficiency reports found in the permit workflow and end the cycle's review period. You can see information regarding the current cycle on the Cycles tab, as well as in the Cycle Information box on the Main tab.

Processing through cycling

Beginning the initial cycle

In order for a cycle to begin on a permit, all submittals, except for deferred submittals, must be accepted through the Submittals tab. Once this is done, the permit will move to the Technically Complete process state and begin Cycle Number 1.

Ending a cycle

In order to end the review for the current cycle, the status of specific workflow steps on the Workflow tab need to be addressed. At least one step with the Act Reqd (Action Required) box checked will need to be in a status for an approved or deficiency state to end the current cycle. *Note: If all steps are in an Initial State, you will not be able to end the current cycle.

  1. Click the Cycles tab to view the current cycle and associated information.
  2. Click End Review. *Note: If any step is still in an Initial State or an In Process State, you will need to Force End the review.
  3. In the Generate, Print, and Send Report To Applicant section of the window:
    1. Check Publish Deficiency Report on Portal to allow the Deficiency Report to show on the Cycles section of the Citizen Portal.
    2. Click Generate Step Deficiency Report to generate the Deficiency Report in a new tab of your browser. This report will include workflow comments, deficiency note types, and any deficiencies directly added to the submittal itself. *Note: you will be unable to end the review until the Deficiency Report has been generated.
  4. In the Specify Desired Permit Status section of the window:
    • Select the appropriate Status in the drop-down menu.
  5. In the Specify Cycle Stop Note Details section of the window:
    1. Select the Note Type.
    2. Select the Note Code, if necessary.
    3. Enter Note Text to explain the cycle stop. This will display to any user that accesses the permit from within SmartGov.
  6. Click End Review.


Force close request

If the End Review button is clicked while any workflow step is in an Initial or In Process State, a Force Close Request window will appear. This window details which steps are deficient, which steps have been approved, and which steps will be forwarded to the next cycle.

  • If you still wish to end the review for the current cycle, click Force End Review.
  • If you need to continue working on the review, click Close and return to the Workflow tab.


Receiving a review response

Once the updated submittals have been uploaded to the permit and accepted by someone from within your jurisdiction, click Receive Response on the Cycles tab.

  1. The Current Cycle End Date will automatically populate with today's date. Click the calendar icon () to change this if necessary.
  2. Select the appropriate Status in the Start New Cycle window. This will reflect the status of the permit in the next cycle.
  3. Click Start New Cycle to begin the review process again.


Completing a review

Once all submittals have been accepted without deficiencies and all necessary workflow steps have been moved to a status in the Approved State, you are able to complete the review.

  1. Click the Cycles tab.
  2. Click End Review.
  3. Click Complete Review in the window that appears.


Managing cycles

  • Cycle Number: Each line details information for the cycle number listed in this row.
  • Start Date: This is the date the cycle began.
  • End Review Date: This is the date the review ended. Click the calendar icon () to edit this date. *Note: Once the Response Recieved Date has been added to this cycle, you will no longer be able to edit the End Review Date.
  • Response Recv'd Date: This is the date the response was received from the citizen with corrected documents. Click the calendar icon () to edit this date.
  • Proc Days: The number of days the permit was being processed by the jurisdiction. This is calculated from the Start Date to the End Review Date.
  • Wait Days: The number of days the jurisdiction was waiting for updated submittals from the citizen. This is calculated from the End Review Date to the Response Recv'd Date.
  • Report: Click STEP_DEFICIENCY.pdf in this column to view the deficiency report generated during that cycle.
  • Adding a Note: Click the sticky note icon (). These notes can include links and attachments such as document, images or spreadsheets.