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Using the event dashboard

The event dashboard allows you to view and report on details about individual events, such as items sold, total revenue, total registrants, and spaces available. You also have the ability to search for, view, download, modify, and email registrants. You will first need to access the events list and select an event to view the reports.


  1. Click Events from the navigation menu and select Events List.
  2. Search or Filter the event list to locate the event you would like to manage.
  3. Click the Actions drop-down menu on the event you would like to manage.
  4. Click View Dashboard.


Event dashboard

On the Event Dashboard, you will see:

  • Event Date and Time
  • Product Revenue - Displays a list of all registration and sale items purchased for the event. The items shown on the report include item name, quantity sold, and total revenue for each item. Free items are also shown in the report. If the Waitlist feature has been enabled for this event, a link to the Waitlist will also show in this table. *Note: Items that have been added to events, but do not have any registrations or purchases are not listed in the table.
  • Activity (Previous 7 Days) - Displays a graph of the number of items purchased over the last 7 days, including the current day. The numbers shown in the graph include the total number of items sold across all items added to the event. *Note: The count per day includes the total number of registrants for that day. If one of those registrants cancels, their registration will still be counted here.
  • Report Tiles - The colored tiles allow you to quickly view a summary of event activity:
    • Orange tiles - Revenue
    • Blue tiles - Registration information and email actions
    • Gray tile - Reporting
  • Registrant and Purchaser Search - Enter the last name or email address of a registrant or purchaser to be able to view or edit their information.