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Managing a Waitlist

If you enabled the Waitlisting feature when you created an event, you can access and manage the waitlist for that event from the Dashboard for the event.


  • Click on the Events tab to view the Event list.
  • Find the event you need and select Dashboard from the Actions drop down.
  • Click Waitlist in the Product Revenue table.



  • This will bring you to a list of visitor that have joined the waitlist for this event.
  • To edit a person's waitlist information, select Edit from the Actions drop down.



  • On the next screen, you will see all information provided by the person on the waitlist as well as the following additional fields:
    • Internal Comments - Allows you to enter notes about the person on the waitlist.
    • Internal Status - Allows you to manually track the status of the person on the waitlist by selecting one of the following options: Not Contacted, Contacted, Declined, Interested, Attending. *Note: The default internal status is "Not Contacted".
  • Click Update to save any changes.


Adding a Registrant from the Waitlist

  • To register a person from the waitlist, select Register from the Actions drop down.



  • You will then be directed to the Add a Registration page with the waitlistees information already populated.
  • You can edit the Quantity requested and any other information as needed.
  • Select the Payment Type from the drop down:
    • Complimentary: Use when the registration should not have any monetary value associated to it.
    • At the door: Use when the registration has an associated cost and payment is outstanding. All monies will be collected prior to entry to the event.
    • Over the phone: Use when the registration has an associated cost and the payment has been completed via an external process.
  • Click Submit.



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