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Managing a waitlist

If you enabled the Waitlisting feature when you created an event, you can access and manage the waitlist for that event from the Dashboard for the event.


  1. Click on the Events tab to view the Event list.
  2. Find the event you need and select Dashboard from the Actions drop down.
  3. Click Waitlist in the Product Revenue table.



  1. This will bring you to a list of visitor that have joined the waitlist for this event.
  2. To edit a person's waitlist information, select Edit from the Actions drop down.



  1. On the next screen, you will see all information provided by the person on the waitlist as well as the following additional fields:
    • Internal Comments - Allows you to enter notes about the person on the waitlist.
    • Internal Status - Allows you to manually track the status of the person on the waitlist by selecting one of the following options: Not Contacted, Contacted, Declined, Interested, Attending. *Note: The default internal status is "Not Contacted".
  2. Click Update to save any changes.


Adding a registrant from the waitlist

  1. To register a person from the waitlist, select Register from the Actions drop down.



  1. You will then be directed to the Add a Registration page with the waitlistees information already populated.
  2. You can edit the Quantity requested and any other information as needed.
  3. Select the Payment Type from the drop down:
    • Complimentary: Use when the registration should not have any monetary value associated to it.
    • At the door: Use when the registration has an associated cost and payment is outstanding. All monies will be collected prior to entry to the event.
    • Over the phone: Use when the registration has an associated cost and the payment has been completed via an external process.
  4. Click Submit.