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Submitting a license application

License applications can be submitted and viewed through the Citizen Portal. You must be logged in to the Citizen Portal to submit a license application. *Note: This feature may not be available depending on the configuration set up by your jurisdiction.

Defining the license application

You will need to define the category and application type prior to filling out the License Application Wizard. This will determine the steps that display throughout the application process.

  1. Click Go on the Applications section from the home page.
  2. Click Apply from the Apply Online section.
  3. If you are a homeowner applying for this license, check the box beside I'm the homeowner for this application.

  4. Select the appropriate license Category under Step 1, such as Community Development. *Note: The categories available will match the different Departments defined by your jurisdiction.
  5. Select the appropriate license type from the Application drop-down menu under Step 2. *Note: The applications available will match the different license types defined by your jurisdiction.
  6. Click Next to proceed to the License Application Wizard.


Completing the license application wizard

The steps available in the License Application Wizard will be determined based on the application selected in Step 2 above. *Note: Required fields throughout the wizard will be indicated with an asterisk (*).


  1. The License Type will auto-populate based on the previous selection, but can be edited if necessary.
  2. Enter a Doing Business As name.
  3. You will be listed as the Licensee.
  4. Click Next.



*Note: This step may not display for the license type you have selected.

  1. Confirm the Photo Identification image is accurate.
    1. If you need to upload a new image, click Replace Photo and select the appropriate image from your computer.
    2. Crop the image and click Crop and Upload.
  2. Enter all relevant details in the fields provided. *Note: These fields may include Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as a Social Security Number or Driver's License, and may be required depending on the configuration of your jurisdiction.
  3. Click Next.



The Site Location for the license can be defined by either an address or a parcel number, if available.

Defining location by address

  1. Begin entering the Address for this license and select the correct address from the filtered list. *Note: If the address is not listed, you will not be able to request a license for this address, but you can still search by Parcel Number, if known. Parcel numbers can usually be provided by your jurisdiction.
  2. Click Next.


Defining location by parcel number

  1. Click Enter a Parcel # at the bottom of the application.
  2. Begin entering the Parcel Number and select the appropriate parcel for this license. *Note: If the parcel is not listed, you will not be able to apply for a license at this parcel number. Please contact your jurisdiction if your address or parcel does not exist.
  3. Click Next.



The Details step lists attributes related to your license application. Any field marked with an asterisk (*) is required. *Note: The options that display on the Details step depend on the license type you have selected.

  1. Enter any details that apply to this license application.
  2. Click Next.



The Activities step lists activities related to your license application. *Note: The options that display on the Activities step depend on the license type you have selected.

  1. Enter the quantity of any activity needed for your application in the Selected column.
  2. Click Next.



  1. Verify that all information provided for this license application is correct.
  2. If changes need to be made, click Edit next to that section of the license application. This will bring you back to the step that you want to edit and will walk you through the rest of the wizard again.
  3. Click Save and Continue once all information has been verified and changes have been made.
    1. A confirmation window will display across the top of the screen listing the current status of your license.
    2. The page you are directed to is your license application. There may be additional documents, actions, or information needed to further process your application. Take a thorough look through your application to ensure the jurisdiction has all documentation and information needed to process your application.