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Licensing setup: Renewal Rules tab

The Renewal Rules tab allows users to set up the renewal process for the license type. The first rule listed on this page will create a new renewal occurrence for any licenses of this type that also meet the renewal criteria.

Adding renewal rules

  1. Click on Administration in the navigation menu, then select Licensing Setup.
  2. Click License Types.
  3. Select the license type from the list.
  4. Click the Renewal Rules tab.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Enter the Name of the renewal rule.
  7. Select a Group from the drop-down menu. *Note: Renewal Groups are configured through the Licensing Lookup Values page.
  8. Choose whether the rule is Based On the Expiration Date of the license or the Renewal Step. *Note: If you select Renewal Step, you must select a Base Renewal step.
  9. If applicable, select a Base Renewal step.
  10. In the Based On Days field, enter the number of days, months or years before or after the Based On selection that this rule should be processed. *Note: Entering a negative value will process this step before the Based On Selection whereas entering a positive number will process this step after the Based On selection.
    • For example, if an "Annual Renewal" rule is Based On the Expiration Date and has -45 Based On Days, the "Annual Renewal" rule will be processed 45 days prior to the license's expiration date.
  11. Select a Report from the drop-down menu, if applicable. This report will be attached to the license renewal as a note when the renewal job is run.
  12. If the license should change to a specific status once the rule is run, select the License Status from the drop-down menu.
  13. If any penalty fees should be added to the license when the rule is run, click the pencil icon () in the Fees column.
    1. In the window that appears, click the plus sign icon beside any fee to associate it with this renewal rule.
    2. Click Save.
  14. Repeat this process to add any additional renewal rules to the license type.
  15. Click Save.