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Release Notes 05.24.2023

Invoice a pending event

We lifted the requirement that an event must be approved before it can be invoiced. Now administrators can invoice requesters for payment prior to approving the event and publishing it to the school's public calendar. This update applies to both a single event and an event series.


You can navigate to the Pending Events list or Events List to view the details of an event. Then, click on the Actions dropdown to use the newly added Create Invoice for Event/Create Invoice for Series options to start invoicing a pending event.


Invoice number hyperlinks on Event Details

We added the invoice number as a hyperlink instead of just indicating "Yes" under the invoice header. Navigate to the Events list or the Pending Events list to view the details of an event that has been invoiced. If the event has one or more associated invoices and the user has permission to view invoices, the invoice number(s) will appear as hyperlinks:

  • Invoices with a zero balance display a checkmark.

  • Invoices that are partially paid display a clock.

  • Invoices that have not been paid do not show an icon.


Click the hyperlink on the invoice number to open a new tab with the invoice displayed.


Event Setup and Global Custom Fields are now Site Questions and Global Questions in Settings

We relabeled the site and global question fields. When you attempt to set up your event form, you will now see the updated labels for these fields for ease of access.



Navigate to Settings and find the Site Questions page under Calendar Settings. Additionally, when you navigate to the page, the header section is renamed to Set Up Site Questions from Setup Custom Event Fields, which was updated earlier.


As for the Global Questions page, you can go to Settings and find it under Global Administration. Additionally, when you navigate to the page, the header section is renamed to Set Up Global Event Form Questions from Custom Event Field, which was updated earlier. We have also added another header text, Add Global Event Form Question, to make it easier for you to add custom questions.


Updated the new Users and Roles page

We corrected an error that occurred when filtering by the Tenant Admin permission on the Users list and Roles list pages. Now, only those users or roles with the Tenant Admin permission will be returned. Additionally, inactive roles will no longer display when viewing a user’s assigned roles or when viewing the Roles list default view. To view deactivated roles in the Roles list, use the Deactivated filter from the filters menu.

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