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Modifying, Canceling, and Deleting Events

Tenant and Site Administrators can modify and cancel events from the Events Dashboard. You can filter the list of events displayed in the dashboard using the options at the top of the screen.


  • Click on Events from the side navigation menu.
  • Enter any Keywords, Schedule IDs, and/or a Date Range and click the Search link to pull up those results.
  • Click More to filter the list by Category, Location, or Status.
  • You can also sort the list by clicking on the column headings.


Event Actions

If you need to edit, delete, copy, or cancel an event, use the Actions drop down menu next to the event on the dashboard.


  • Dashboard will take you to an event specific dashboard for that event.
  • Edit is the same as clicking on the event's name. If the event is a series, this option modifies only the single date and time or occurrence of that series event.
    • If you wish to edit all dates and times or occurrences of a series event, click Edit Series. This will modify all future occurrences in the series.
  • Copy allows you to create a new event based on this event's information. You will be redirected to the Create an Event page with the event's details already filled in.
  • Cancel will add "Canceled" to the event name and take you to a Cancellation Dashboard where you can select the options for canceling this event.
  • Delete removes the event's next occurrence from the site.
    • If you wish to remove all dates and times or occurrences of a series event, click Delete Series.
  • Invoice will open the invoice form, automatically add the event to the invoice, and populate the To section with the event requester's information.



Calendar View

To easily see a month view of your events, or to quickly change a date of an event, utilize the Calendar View feature. *Note: Only the date of the event can be changed from the calendar view. To change time, location, or any other details, utilize the Edit option on the Event Actions menu.


  • Above the list of events, click on Calendar view.



  • To move an event to another day, click and hold your mouse on the event you wish to move.
  • Drag the event to the new date, then release your mouse. As long as there is no conflict, the event will save on the new date.



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