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Working offline in the SmartGov mobile app

The SmartGov mobile app allows you to download records locally on your device. This is useful when you will be working in areas with poor connectivity or without a data connection. While operating offline, you can create, view and process records as you normally would. Once you are able to connect to the internet again, you will be able to sync any updated records to SmartGov so all changes are up-to-date. *Note: In order to create a code enforcement case offline, the case type must be configured with the "Allow creation on mobile device while working offline" box checked.

How to download records

  1. Tap the Sync icon ().
  2. Use the Download Filters section to select any specific parameters for the records you wish to download.


This field will determine whose assignments are downloaded. This will default to the user that is logged in.

  1. Tap the magnifying glass icon () to change the assignee, if necessary.
  2. Begin typing to filter the list. Tap the Assignee in the list whose assignments you would like to download. *Note: This will display Users and Groups in a single list.


Records to download

You can filter which records to download including Inspections, Enforcement Workflow Steps, Enforcement Requests, and Enforcement Cases. You may also select to Download Attachments. *Note: Only Submittals that have been made available offline in the Lookup Values configuration section will be included in the download.

  1. Any record type with a grayed out toggle () will not be downloaded.
  2. To download one of these records, tap the toggle. The toggle will turn orange once it has been turned on.



Filter on due dates

  1. This selection will determine which assignments are downloaded based on their due date
    • Due Today: This option includes any assignments with a due date of the current date.
    • Almost Due: This option includes any assignments due within the next 5 business days (not including weekends).
    • Past Due: This option includes any assignments with a due date in the past.
    • Custom Date Range: This option allows you to enter a Starting On date and an Ending On date. The records downloaded will include assignments due in the date range entered. *Note: You cannot have any other option checked if Custom Date Range is checked.


Inspection area

  1. Tap the magnifying glass icon () to search for and select the Inspection Area. *Note: This will only apply to Inspections and Code Enforcement Cases.


  1. Tap Start Download. The screen will display the status of the current download. *Note: We recommend having a strong data connection when downloading data.
    • Tap Cancel in the top right of the screen to stop the download at any time.


Using downloaded data

Once you have downloaded data to your device, the Sync screen will display information related to the last download including the record types, assignee, and due date filters.

  1. Tap the Sync icon ().
  2. Tap the Use Downloaded Data toggle.



Alternatively, you will be prompted to use downloaded data if your mobile device recognizes you have no internet connection.

  1. Tap the Use Download Data toggle to display the downloaded items on your Home screen.



A bar that reads Using Downloaded Data appears across the top of the screen throughout the app while working offline.


How to sync changes

Once you are able to establish a data connection, you can sync the changes you have made while working offline.

  1. Tap the Sync icon ().
  2. Tap Sync Changes. *Note: This button will only be available when you have a data connection.
    • The screen will display the status of the current download and you will be notified when the data has been synced with SmartGov.


How to clear downloaded data

If you have not made changes to the downloaded data or do not want to sync changes you have made with the data in SmartGov, you can clear the downloaded data from your device.

  1. Tap the Sync icon ().
  2. Tap Clear Downloaded Data.
  3. Tap Clear in the window that appears.