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Searching in the SmartGov mobile app

The search page within the SmartGov mobile app allows you to search permits, inspections, and parcels, among other areas.

Creating a search

  1. Tap the magnifying glass icon () from the Home screen to display the Search screen.
  2. Tap the Area drop-down menu and select the specific area within SmartGov you would like to search.
    • Searching for Inspection, Enforcement Request, or Enforcement Case will allow you to view, process, and edit the record.
    • Searching for Contact, Permit, License, Parcel, or Recurring Inspection will allow you to view the record.
  3. Enter as many or as few search criteria as needed to display the results you desire. *Note: The fields that display are determined by the Area selected for your search.
  4. You can use a wildcard in place of any unknown information.
    • In the search field, enter an asterisk (*) followed by any known information.


           Bright Idea:

    If you do not use the wildcard symbol when entering your search parameters, SmartGov will search the system for an exact match to what you entered. For example, if you search for "200 E Market St" and there is a permit for "200 East Market St" this would not populate in the search results since the address is not an exact match. If you enter "200 E* Market St" the search results would then populate with the permit.



  1. Tap Apply.


Managing your search

You can filter the results that display by tapping the sort icon ().

  1. Select the appropriate Order.
    • Ascending: This option will sort your results alphabetically from A to Z or numerically from 0-9.
    • Descending: This option will sort your results alphabetically from Z to A or numerically from 9-0.
  2. Select the Field to apply the order to. *Note: The fields displayed are determined by the area selected for your search.
  3. Tap Apply in the top right corner of the screen.