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Search license renewals

The Search License Renewals page allows users to view a list of all license renewal requests. From this page, you can view and quickly process a license renewal.

Processing license renewals

  1. Click Licensing in the navigation menu, then click Search License Renewals.
  2. Click the License Number of the renewal you would like to view. *Note: You may run a standard search to narrow down the renewals that display in this list.
  3. The page will display a condensed view of the renewal occurrence and includes the Main Information, Details, Fees, Submittals, Workflow, Inspections, and Conditions if they have been configured for the license type. Click the plus sign icon () to expand the section to verify or process, if needed.
    • Any section marked with a triangle () needs verification.
    • Any section marked with an exclamation point () needs further action.
    • Any section marked with a check mark () has either been manually verified or verified by SmartGov.



  1. Click one of the following options at the bottom of the screen:
    • If you have made changes to the page but are not ready to issue or print the license, click Save.
    • To issue the license and print any reports that have been checked, click Issue and Print.
    • To print the reports that have been checked but not issue the renewal, click Print Only.