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Licensing: Contacts tab

The Contacts tab allows you to list anyone associated with the license, such as owners or licensees. Contacts can be added from your existing database or you can add them as new contacts. On this tab, you can identify each contact's role and designate one contact as the primary contact for the license.

Adding an existing contact

  1. Click the Add button. A row will appear.
  2. Begin typing or click the magnifying glass icon () to select the Contact or Business name. *Note: You can utilize the wildcard search feature to help you thoroughly search the contact list.
  3. Select the Role this contact will have for this license application.


       Bright Idea:

Depending on the license type, there may be limitations on the roles you can give to contacts added to this license.

  • If this license is a Contractor license type, you can only add a contact as the Licensee.
  • If this license is a Business license type, you can only add a business account as the Licensee.
  • If this license is neither a Business license or a Contractor license, you can add either a contact or a business account as the Licensee.


  1. Check the Portal Access box to allow the contact to view the license, pay for fees, and upload documents to this license from the Citizen Portal, depending on the jurisdiction's configuration.
  2. The Active box will be checked for the licensee by default. Each license application can only have one licensee. In the event the licensee changes, make sure the Active box is checked for the new licensee.
  3. Click Save.


Adding a new contact

Before creating a new contact, search the existing contact list to ensure they have not already been added to SmartGov. Utilize the wildcard search feature to help you thoroughly search the contact list.

  1. Click the Add button. An additional row will appear.
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon () in the newly created row.
  3. Click the Create button in the Select Contact window.
  4. If this contact is a contractor, check the Contractor box. This will add an additional section for entering the contractor's license.
  5. Enter the contact's information. *Note: If the contact has an international address, check the International box to provide additional international mailing address information. If the address is Unknown, check the box to auto-populate the required address information with placeholders.
  6. Click the Create button. Additional tabs will appear for the contact record. *Note: This will also add the contact to the Global Contact list.
  7. Add any additional details such as phone numbers and email addresses, then click Save.
  8. Close the New Contact window to return to the Contacts tab.
  9. Click the Save button at the bottom of the license record to add the contact to the license.

Managing contacts

  • Selecting a Primary Contact: Select which contact in the list should be the Primary Contact for this license. The licensee is designated as the primary contact by default.
  • Editing a Contact: Click the information icon () next to the contact record to make any changes to the contact's information.
  • Has Licenses: Click the licenses icon () to view any associated licenses or contractor licenses. *Note: This icon will only appear if the contact has licenses or contractor licenses associated with their account.
  • Adding a Note: Click the sticky note icon () to add notes to the contact. These notes can include links and attachments, such as documents, pictures, or spreadsheets.
  • Removing a Contact: Click the trash can icon () next to the contact record. The contact will appear with a strike-through mark.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page after performing any of these actions.