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Contact merge

If multiple contacts need to be combined into one contact record, you can merge contacts through this page.

How to merge contacts

  1. Click Common in the navigation menu, then click Contacts.
  2. Select Contact Merge.
  3. Search for and select each contact you want to merge together.
  4. Click Merge to view all selected contacts on one page.
  5. Select a Master contact. The master contact display name, portal access code, and address information will override the other contact information on the merged contact. Any records that are associated with the included contacts will be updated to reflect the master contact information. *Note: If one or more contractors are included in the merge, one of the contractors must be selected as the master contact. If a contact has a Source of A (Assessor Contact), you cannot merge the record with a contractor record.
  6. Click Merge.
  7. Click Yes in the window that displays.
  8. The page will refresh and display the updated contact.