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Parcel custom attributes

Custom Attributes are jurisdiction defined fields that will display on the Details tab of a parcel and allow you to capture a wide variety of data types. *Note: Details on the parcel can be updated using the Parcel Load Job. Please contact Client Services for additional assistance with the Parcel Load Job.

Adding a parcel custom attribute

  1. Click on Administration in the navigation menu, then click Parcel Setup.
  2. Select Parcel Custom Attributes.
  3. Click Create New.
  4. Enter a Name and a Description.
  5. Ensure the Active box is checked to display this custom attribute in the list.
  6. Check the Required box if this custom attribute should be required when adding a parcel. *Note: Checking this box will require you to enter a Default Value for this custom attribute.
  7. Check the Read Only box if this attribute should display predefined text that cannot be edited.
  8. Use the Display Order field to determine the sequential order of the custom attributes.
  9. Select an appropriate Type.
  1. Once all custom attribute information has been entered, click Save.
  2. If this custom attribute needs to be added to all existing parcels, click Propagate to All Parcels.
    • Click Yes in the confirmation window that appears. *Note: Once this has been done, the custom attribute cannot be removed from a parcel.
  3. Click Back to return to the list of Parcel Custom Attributes.