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Layouts control the style of your site and how the calendar site appears to visitors. Layouts include your branding and logo. Certain aspects of the layout can be customized.

Manage layouts

  1. To access the Layouts feature, click on the gear icon () to access the Site Administration settings page.
  2. Click on Layouts under Calendar Settings.

  3. Currently, there are two layouts offered: Event Manager Default and Photo. The site's currently selected layout appears leftmost in the Choose Layout section.
  4. To choose a different layout, click the Use as default link under that layout.

  5. Once you select the Layout options of your choosing, either move further down the page to make more layout changes, or click Save at the bottom of the screen.

Event Manager default layout

Photo layout

The Photo layout is Dude Solutions' digital signage and kiosk layout that is meant to be viewed on a wide screen. This option will provide your visitors with a rich multimedia experience to showcase your events.


       Bright Idea:

When using the photo layout, the event's primary image will be displayed. The image will be scaled to the maximum size of the display being used. For example, if you will be displaying the calendar on a 90 inch display you will need to upload a very large high quality image. The photo layout will work best with images uploaded with a 16:9 display ratio.