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Adding a location

Once you have configured your Location Settings, you can add Locations to your Event Manager account to represent the physical spaces that will be used for your events,

  1. Click on Settings from the navigation menu.
  2. Click on Locations under Site Administration or Global Locations under Global Administration.
  3. From the Locations page, click on the Add A Location button.
  4. Enter the Location Nameand click the check mark icon to save the name.
  5. Select the Active toggle if you would like this location to be available for booking throughout Event Manager.
  6. Select the Bookable by Community toggle if you would like this location to be available for booking by Community Portal Users. *Note: Activating this toggle with make the Description field, Types, and Usages required to save this location.
  7. Click the down arrow icon next to Parent & Child Locations to view or edit any Parent or Child relationships for this location.
  8. Start typing or click the down arrow icon next to Copy Details From if you would like to copy the details from another location. This is useful if you have multiple locations that are very similar and you don't want to enter the information for each location. *Note: This option will only display when adding a new location. It does not display when editing information for an existing location.



  1. Click Save Changes.