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Creating a survey

Surveys can be used to gather important feedback about your events.

Watch the video tutorial:

How to create a survey

  1. Click on the Surveys menu option from the side navigation menu to expand the survey options.
  2. Click on Dashboard.
  3. Click on Create a Survey.
  4. Choose from one of the following options:
    • Create New: Create a brand new survey from scratch.
    • Use a Template: Start with a survey template and make any changes needed before saving. Click here to learn more about survey templates.
    • Copy From Existing: Use an existing survey as a starting point and make any changes needed before saving.
  5. Enter a name for the survey, then click Get Started.

Survey settings

  1. Click on the Survey Settings button to customize the message a user will see after completing the survey, as well as the logo that appears.
  2. You can also attach the survey to a particular event by clicking on Add an Event Attachment.



  1. Select the event.
  2. Choose the time frame after the event that the survey will Activate and Deactivate. *Note: Active surveys can be answered by anyone with access to the survey link.
  3. If this event included registration, check the box to Email Registrants a link to this survey when it is activated.

Adding survey questions

If you used a template, or copied an existing survey, any existing questions will show on the screen. If you chose to create a new survey, this area will be blank.

Adding a new question

  1. Choose the question type by clicking on the appropriate icon and dragging it to the survey builder area.
  2. Enter the question text, including any answer option text, if applicable.
  3. To make this a required question on the survey, check the box next to Required.
  4. If you would like to provide more information about this question, in addition to the question text, check the box next to Description and enter the Description text.
  5. If this is a question you would like to use on multiple surveys, check the box next to Save Question To Library.
  6. Click Save.


       Bright Idea: 

We recommend utilizing the Saved Question feature for reporting purposes. Using the same question from the question library across multiple surveys will allow Event Manager to provide you with aggregated data on the Surveys Dashboard.


Adding a question from the question library

  1. To add a question from the question library, click and drag the question to the appropriate place in the list of questions. *Note: Questions added from the question library cannot be edited, but can be made required or not required as needed.
  2. Questions can be reordered by hovering over the left side of the question box and clicking on the arrows icon. Drag the question the correct location in the list.


Saving the survey

  1. If you would like to Create a template from this survey, check the box at the bottom of the screen.
  2. If you would like the survey to be active immediately upon saving, check the Activate Survey immediately box. Active surveys can be answered by anyone who has been given the survey link.
  3. When all questions have been added and are in the correct order, click Save to add this survey to the survey list.