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Frequently Asked Questions

I keep getting emails telling me that my password is going to expire, even though I already changed it.

If you are an administrator in the CrisisManager online portal, you will receive emails prior to your portal password's expiration date. You must change your portal password from a web browser, not from the app. Changing your app password does not change your portal password, as they are two separate accounts.

How can I delete a plan?

  • From the home screen of the app, swipe left on the plan you wish to delete.
    • If you swipe the plan entirely off the screen, it will be deleted.
    • Alternatively, you can swipe until you see the red Delete button appear. Tap that button to delete the plan from your home screen.

I am not receiving push messages for any of my plans.

You may need to turn on push notifications for the CrisisManager app on your device. This is typically done by going to your device's settings. *Note: Steps to turn on push notifications for your device may vary slightly.

  • Tap on Settings.
  • Tap on Notifications.
  • Find and tap on the CrisisManager app in the list.
  • Be sure the Allow Notifications toggle is activated.
  • Determine the specifics of your notification preferences, including sound, badge app icon, and how the notification will display.

Do I need an internet connection or Wi-Fi to use the app?

While you do need an internet connection to download a plan initially or to submit a report, you do not need an internet connection to access the plan data after it is downloaded.

How much space will a crisis plan use on my device?

It varies but the average size plan is just around 4 megabytes.

How much of my information will be shared across the application?

Unless there is a specific security restriction from your institution/organization to grant access to a plan, you will not have to self-identify to use this app.

If I am sending a report, am I able to submit it without including my name (i.e. anonymously)?

When submitting a report, if your plan administrator has allowed for anonymous reports, your information will not be captured. It will, however, provide your location.

Who will see the incident reports that I send?

Your organization's plan administrator will determine who will receive the reports.

What will be done with my information?

Nothing. We do not reserve the right to distribute or misuse User Account information or self-identifying information that is gathered through or from the application.