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CrisisManager is a cloud-based mobile safety platform that gets your emergency plans out of binders and into the hands of the people who need it. Click on the topics below to learn more about how to use that feature in CrisisManager. For users that are new to CrisisManager, start with the topics under Initial Setup to get started.

Table of Contents

End User Guides

Use the following links to download and edit end user guides for downloading CrisisManager to mobile devices. Administrators can edit these documents with your Organization name, Plan names, and Password information to make it easier for your users to find the plans they need.


Downloading CrisisManager: Listed Plan

Downloading CrisisManager: Listed Plan with Password

Downloading CrisisManager: Unlisted Plan

Downloading CrisisManager: Unlisted Plan with Password

Downloading CrisisManager: Listed Users

Downloading CrisisManager: Listed Users with PIN