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Logging into the Administrator Portal

There are two parts to the SchoolDude CrisisManager application: theAdministrator Portal and the Mobile App. Only users that write or publish plans will need access to the Administrator Portal. All other users will simply download the published plans to their smartphones using the CrisisManager mobile app.


If you select the Authorized User List security option for your plan, you will need to create a separate login for the mobile app in addition to the login for the admin portal. This only applies to plans with an Authorized User List. You can use the same login information for both accounts.

How to Log In

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The login screen for the CrisisManager Administrator Portal is completely separate from the login for the rest of your SchoolDude applications. For security purposes, the password requirements are also more stringent, so you will need to create a new password to use for this application.

Initial Login/Setting Password

  • When you are added as a user to CrisisManager, you will receive an email from with the subject line:SchoolDude CrisisManager - Set Up Password.
  • Click on the link provided in the email and set your password. The password must meet the following requirements:
    • Between 8 and 40 characters in length.
    • Have at least one Uppercase character.
    • Have at least one Lowercase character.
    • Have at least one Numeric character.
    • Have at least one Other character.
  • Click Reset Password. You will be taken to the CrisisManager home page.

Returning User

CrisisManager Home Page

  • Waiting for Approval - In this section, you will see any plans that are waiting to be published.
  • Recently Updated Plans - This section will show you the last 5 plans that have been updated. You can click on the Open button to go into those plans.
  • Recent Messages - This section shows the last 5 push messages that were sent from the account. If you have permission to send push notifications, you will also see the buttons below:
    • Click View Details to see more information about these messages.
    • Click Send New Message to create a new push notification.
  • Crisis Event Content Warnings - This section allows you to view warnings regarding links within your plan(s). If a plan has a link that is HTTP instead of HTTPS, it will show in this section. *Note: All links need to be in HTTPS format to comply with Apple Transport Security Requirements.


The tabs at the top of the screen take you through the process of entering the information into your plans that will be seen by your end users.