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Shared Checklists

Shared Checklists allows you to create a shared list of tasks to be accessed from the plan in the CrisisManager app. *Note: If you do not see the "Shared Checklists" feature, please contact Client Services to have this feature enabled.

Adding a Shared Checklist to your Plan

Shared Checklists are set up as an event within your plan. You can create multiple shared checklists within the same plan, if needed. Any user who has access to the plan will have access to the Shared Checklist event(s). If you would like to limit the users who have access to the Shared Checklist, you may want to create a plan specifically for this feature and only grant access to those users who should have access to the checklist.


  • You will first need to access the plan to which you want to add a shared checklist. Click on the Plans tab and select My Plans.
  • Click Edit beside the appropriate plan.
  • Click on the Event tab, then select Event Sequence.
  • Click Add Event.
  • Click Edit beside the newly created event.
  • Click Edit on the Event Information page.
  • Choose an icon, and rename the event. You may find it helpful to identify the event with a clear title, such as Fire Safety Checklist.
  • Delete any text in the Actions to Take section. *Note: Do not add any other information (Actions to Take, Contacts, Attachments, or Reports/Forms) to this event.
  • In the When Clicked section, open the Action to Perform drop down menu and select Shared Checklist within Plan.
  • Click Update.


Managing Tasks from the Portal

Tasks can be managed from the portal, as well as within the app. If you know which tasks need to be on this checklist, you can go ahead and add them before you first publish the checklist feature to your plan.


  • Navigate to the Event Information page for your Shared Checklist event.
  • In the When Clicked section, click on Manage Shared Task List.
  • Enter the New Task Name into the text field, then click Add New Task.
  • Repeat this process for all tasks needed in this checklist.
  • Once the task list is created, use the icons to the left of the task to manage the list:
    • Click the pencil icon to edit the name of the task.
    • Click on the trash can icon to delete the task from the list.
    • Click on the up or down arrows to rearrange the task list order.


Notification Settings

Each shared checklist within a plan can have it's own notification configuration. This configuration allows you to customize what triggers a notification, who receives the notification, and how the notification goes out.


  • Click on the Collaboration tab.
  • Select Shared Checklists. This page will show you all shared checklists within your plans across your organizational level. *Note: If there are any checklists that were created at a sub-organizational level, they will need to be configured at that level.
  • Click Select next to the shared checklist whose notifications you need to configure.
  • Multiple notifications can be set up for one checklist. For each notification:
    • Select the Method of communication.
    • Choose the Trigger for the notification.
    • Decide who the Target audience is for the notification.
    • Click Add.


Publish the Plan

After you have updated the plan to include the shared checklist, added any needed tasks, and configured notification settings, publish the plan as you normally would.