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Library Plans can also be used to add another layer of information inside a plan, known as Plan-in-Plan. The Library plan can be created as one entire piece of content that, when a user taps the icon on their device, will open a new layer of event icons to select from. You can have an infinite number of Plan-in-Plan layers.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Creating a Library Plan for use as a Plan-in-Plan

When setting up a Library Plan for use as a Plan-in-Plan, you will follow the same steps creating a Library Plan.

  • Click the CrisisManager logo in the top left corner of the screen to access your home page.
  • Click on the Plans tab and then click on Create Plans from Template.
  • Select the default plan under Template Name and click Create Plan(s) From Template.
  • From the My Plans page, click Edit beside the newly created default plan to open the plan.
  • Rename the library plan.
  • Select Event Library and click Update Plan Info to save changes.



  • Click on the Event tab and then click on Event Sequence. Create event icons for just the items you want to appear in this layer within your plan.
  • Click on the Plans tab and then click on Plan Layout.
  • Select the event icon you want to enter content for and click Edit.
  • Enter and format your content for this event.
  • Click Update to save changes.


Publishing a Plan-in-Plan

  • Click on the Plans tab and then click on Publish Plan.
  • Select Submit Plan for Publishing Approval.
  • Click Approve and Publish.
  • On the home page, either create a new plan or Open one from the Recently Updated Plans section that you want to add this Plan-in-Plan to. *Note: If you do not see the desired plan there, navigate to My Plans and click Edit next to the desired plan.
  • Once the plan is open, click on the Event tab and then click on Event Sequence.
  • Click Add Event and then click Edit on that new event.
  • Click the Edit button on the event. Rename the event and choose the icon to represent the Plan-in-Plan.
  • In the Action to Perform drop down, select one of the Event Menu options.



  • The screen will refresh to show more options where you can select custom colors for this Plan-in-Plan layer.
  • From the Available Events to Add section, open the Library Plan you want to use and select the events to appear in the Events box on the left.



  • Click the Update button at the top of the screen.
  • The screen will refresh to show you what the screen for this Plan-in-Plan layer will look like when you tap on the event.



  • Continue publishing the plan as normal.