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Administer App Users

The Administer App Users tool allows you to specify who should have access to all plans at your organization. *Note: For plans with Listed User plan access control, access will be determined by the User List on the List Authentication page or by an active PeopleSync feed. If a published plan does NOT have any users listed in the User List on the List Authentication page or an active PeopleSync feed, access for that plan and all plans in this organization will be determined by the list uploaded using this feature.


  • Click on the Administration tab, then select Administer App Users.
  • You can download a CSV template file by clicking the Download User List button at the bottom of the page.
  • In the Excel spreadsheet, format the data as follows:



  • When you've finished entering the data, save the spreadsheet to your computer.
  • Click the Choose File button and select the spreadsheet from your computer.
  • Click the Upload File button to import the data into CrisisManager.


       Bright Idea: 

If you need to make changes to the user list, simply upload a new version of the spreadsheet. You do NOT need to republish your plans for the changes to take affect.