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Adding Locations

Locations typically describe the facilities in your organization. (Dude Elementary, Dude Hall, Maintenance Shop, etc.)


For organizations that have multiple campuses or sites, each with multiple facilities on them, you may decide to use Locations to describe the campus. Then you can use the Building field to describe the structures on each campus.


Locations can be added individually or imported into your account in bulk. *Note: If you own the Asset Essentials integration feature, you are unable to add locations through CapitalForecastDirect. All new locations must be added through Asset Essentials.


       Bright Idea:

In CapitalForecastDirect, you must choose whether the system will model your needs using your Locations or your Buildings. If you select Locations, you do not need to add Buildings to the account. If you select for the model to use Buildings, you are required to set up at least one Location. This is because Locations and Buildings have a parent/child relationship in Dude Solutions applications. A Building must be assigned to a Location.

Once you have made this selection in CapitalForecastDirect, it cannot be changed. If you decide that you must switch your selection, contact the Dude Solutions Client Service Center for assistance.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

How to Add Locations

  • Click on the Add link in the Actions menu at the top of the page.
  • Click the Locations link. Fill in the following fields on the Add/Update Location Screen:
    • Enter the Location Description (the name of the facility or campus). *Required field
    • Enter the Date Built. *Required field
    • Enter the Square Footage. This is important to include so the system can calculate the Current Replacement Value of the Location.
    • Select the Building Type that matches the Location from the drop down list. You should have already reviewed and updated the building types earlier in the set up process.
    • You can enter any Notes that pertain to this Location in the field provided.
    • CRV will automatically calculate for you based on the Building Type selected, the Square Footage of the Location, and the Regional Index you chose under the Account Information. This is an editable field, so you can make an adjustment to it if needed. If you do change the CRV the indicator icon next to the field will turn red to alert you that it was manually changed.
    • FCI will calculate for you once you have Needs associated with this Location.
    • Click Save to add the Location.

How to View and Activate Locations

  • Click on the List link under the Actions menu.
  • Click on the Locations link.


The Location list is automatically populated if other Dude Solutions applications are in use by your organization. Locations with a yellow thumbs-up () are active and ready for use within the application. Locations with a gray thumbs-down () are inactive and will be unavailable for use until they are activated.

  • To activate a location, click on the thumbs-down icon (). It will change to the yellow thumbs-up icon and your location will be activated.
  • Click on the Location name to update the information.
  • Make sure to enter the Date Built, Square Footage, and Building Type.
  • Click Save.