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Submitting Needs as Asset Essentials Work Requests

The CapitalForecastDirect and Asset Essentials integration will allow a CapitalForecastDirect need to be submitted as an Asset Essentials Work Request. This creates a seamless communication experience between your departments which allows for work to be completed quickly and efficiently. *Note: Only certain clients are eligible for this integration. To learn if you are eligible, contact Client Services.

How to Submit a Need as a Work Request

  • Be sure you are logged in to CapitalForecastDirect before submitting a need as a work request. *Note: You may not have login credentials for both CapitalForecastDirect and Asset Essentials. Please contact your administrator to be added as a user, if necessary.
  • In order to submit a need as a work request, the need will have to be created in CapitalForecastDirect through the importing process, by running the model, or by manually creating them.
  • Click on the Needs tab to view the list of needs that have been created.
  • Click on the Need ID to view and edit the information for that need, if necessary.
  • Click the Save & Create Work Order button at the bottom of the page.
  • You will see a message at the top of the need letting you know your work order request is processing. Soon after, you will see the Asset Essentials work order number listed at the top of the need as well.
  • You can click on the number next to the AE WOID field to take you to the work request in Asset Essentials. *Note: You will need to log in to Asset Essentials before accessing the work request.