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Logging into Asset Essentials

When logging into Asset Essentials, the login screen may be different, depending on how your organization is set up. The two methods of logging in are the Standard Login Platform and the Brightly Universal Login Platform. *Note: If your organization purchased Asset Essentials on July 17th, 2019 or later, you will use the new Brightly Universal Login platform.


*Note: If your organization is using SSO (single sign on) for user authentication, your login experience may be different. If you are having difficulty logging in using SSO or you are unsure whether your organization utilizes SSO for their Brightly products, please contact your technology help desk for assistance.


Identify your login screen!

Compare the screen you see when accessing your organization's Asset Essentials login link to the two login screens shown below. Click on the image of the screen that most closely resembles your own. This will bring you to the correct login information page that aligns with your account!


Standard Login Platform

Brightly Universal Login Platform