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Getting started with Smart Assets

Smart Assets is an additional module that connects Asset Essentials to IoT sensors for your assets. You can set up, monitor, and manage these sensors through Smart Assets. When a sensor records a reading outside of the normal thresholds, an alert is created in Smart Assets. That alert triggers a work order to be made for that asset in Asset Essentials. *Note: If you are interested in purchasing the Smart Asset module, please contact your account manager.

Setting up Smart Assets

Once you have access to Smart Assets, the first steps are to identify which of your assets you want to monitor with sensors and deploy the sensor hardware to the appropriate assets. At this point you are ready to connect your Asset Essentials assets to your IoT sensors through the Smart Assets interface.

Connect Asset Essentials assets to Smart Assets

Linking your assets to the Smart Assets application can be done automatically through Asset Essentials.


  1. Log into your Asset Essentials account.

  2. Click on the Assets menu icon, then select Assets.

  3. Right click on the appropriate asset and select View.

  4. From the Asset detail page, click More and select Manage Sensors. This automatically creates the asset as a Location in Smart Assets and opens Smart Assets in a new browser tab.


Adding sensors and alerts

  1. Now that the asset appears in Smart Assets, you will need to add the sensor. Follow the steps for adding a new gateway or sensor from the app.

  2. Next, you will need to create alerts within Smart Assets. Follow the steps for creating an alert.

  3. Repeat these steps for every asset that you want to monitor in Smart Assets.

Work orders from sensor alerts

Once your assets, sensors, and alerts have been set up in the system, you are ready to receive work orders generated from Smart Assets.

  1. If a sensor records a reading outside of the normal thresholds you set, an alert is created in Smart Assets.

  2. That alert triggers a New Request work order to be made for that asset in Asset Essentials.

  3. If subsequent alerts are sent out from that same sensor, there will not be another work order created for that asset until the first work order is completed or 30 days have elapsed. This prevents you from getting multiple work orders created for the same issue.


To view work orders created by your Smart Assets alerts, follow the steps for viewing work orders from Smart Assets.


       Bright Idea:

For more information on creating alerts and managing your sensors, please see the Smart Assets documentation. This content can also be accessed from the Smart Assets dashboard by clicking on the menu icon () in the top right corner of the screen and selecting Help.