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Life cycle of a recurring inspection

SmartGov uses Process States which are associated with statuses to help track where a recurring inspection interval is in its life cycle. There are different requirements that must be met for the interval to move from Pending to Closed. Process states cannot be changed or edited in SmartGov, however a jurisdiction can configure corresponding statuses that better match their business process.


Statuses in the Pending Process State may include Pending and Submitted.


Certain requirements must be met in order for a Recurring Inspection Interval to move to the Pending Process State.

  • The Recurring Inspection must be created.
  • The Recurring Inspection number has been assigned. *Note: This happens automatically once the recurring inspection is created.


Statuses in the Closed Process State may include Closed and Inspected.


Certain requirements must be met in order for a recurring inspection interval to move to the Closed Process State.

  • All Submittals must be received. Deferred submittals must be received or removed.
  • All Conditions marked 'Verification Required' are passed.
  • All Fees are paid.
  • All Inspections are complete.

Starting a new interval

Once a recurring inspection interval is Closed, a new interval can be created when the recurring inspection needs to be carried out again.