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Processing code enforcement cases in the SmartGov mobile app

The SmartGov mobile app gives you the ability to quickly process code enforcement cases from your mobile device.

Viewing a code enforcement case

When viewing a code enforcement case from your home screen, you will see information including the case type, current status, address information, assignee information, and who reported the case. The case is divided into different sections, similar to the tabs on code enforcement cases within SmartGov. *Note: Ensure that your Assignment Filters are set to show code enforcement cases and workflow steps, if necessary, in order to view these records on your home screen.


  1. If a workflow step is assigned to you, the assigned step displays as a separate record on your home screen. This lists the assigned worfklow step name and the corresponding worklist. Tap the record to process the workflow step.
  2. Tap on the map image to view the location of and directions to the code enforcement case in your device's mapping app. *Note: If the device has multiple mapping apps available, you will be prompted to select the app you would like to use.
  3. Tap the Enforcement Case title on your home screen to view and edit the record.