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Portal user accounts

The Portal User Accounts page lists any user that has an account for the Citizen Portal. Logging into the Citizen Portal gives users access to increased functionality, including the ability to apply or pay for licenses or permits, depending on the Portal Setup for your jurisdiction. You can view the list of portal user accounts as well as any email addresses or linked contacts.

Viewing a portal user account

  1. Click Common in the navigation menu, then select Contacts.
  2. Select Portal User Accounts.
  3. Search for and select the portal user account.
  4. The Email Addresses section displays whether or not the user is subscribed to email notifications. It also lists any email addresses that have been associated with the portal account and if they have been verified.
  5. The Linked Contacts section lists any contacts that have been linked with this portal account.
    • If a contact needs to be unassociated with this portal account, click the trash can icon ().
    • Update the Primary contact as needed.
    • To link an additional contact, click Add.
      • Begin typing or click the magnifying glass icon () to search for and select the contact.
  6. If any changes are made, click Save.
  7. To delete this portal user account, click Delete at the bottom of the page and then click Delete Record in the window that displays. *Note: Once a portal account has been deleted, the citizen will need to create a new account in order to begin using the Citizen Portal again.


Searching for a contact to add to a portal user account

You can search for a contact by license number and/or portal access code when adding a contact to a portal account. This will allow you to quickly associate a contact or contractor with their portal account so that they can access their permits from the citizen portal.

  • Click on Common from the navigation menu.

  • Click on Contacts and then select Portal User Accounts.

  • Locate the portal user in the list and then click on them to open their Portal User Account Detail page.

  • Click Add under the Linked Contacts section.

  • You can search by a license number or Portal Access Code.

  • Click Save to finalize any changes.