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Inspections performed

The Inspections Performed page lists all completed inspections, regardless of which module they were requested from. The list can be filtered and printed.


  1. Click Common in the navigation menu, then select Inspections Performed.
  2. This page lists any inspections that have been requested within SmartGov or through the Citizen Portal and have been completed.

Viewing completed inspections

  1. Use the filter options across the top of the page to narrow the inspection list. For example, you can filter by Inspector, Date, Area, or Site City.
  2. To view the details of the completed inspection, click the Inspection Type.
    • Click the Inspection Results Report link at the bottom of the window that displays to view the report in a new tab.
  3. To view the record the inspection is associated with, click the information icon (). This will direct you to the Inspections tab on the associated record where you can view any inspection configured for the record.
    • Click the Back button to return to the Inspections Performed list.