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Permitting setup: Submittals tab

The Submittals tab allows you to select which submittals should be associated with permits of this type. You can learn more about creating submittals on the Lookup Values page.


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Security Notice:

SmartGov has built in protections for PII and maintains high levels of storage encryption for data that is defined as sensitive Information. A submittal can be marked as containing sensitive information when configuring the submittals for the permitting module.

If your jurisdiction has configured SmartGov to integrate with a third-party document management system, documents stored on the third-party system are outside of the boundary and controls of your Dude Solutions product. Security and privacy controls provided in Dude Solutions product documentation and contracts will not apply to documents stored in third-party systems. The Client is responsible for assessing and maintaining the security of documents stored in third-party systems.


Adding submittals to a permit type

  1. Click on Administration in the navigation menu, then select Permitting Setup.
  2. Click Permit Types.
  3. Select the permit type from the list.
  4. Click the Submittals tab.
  5. Begin typing or click the magnifying glass icon () to select the Submittal you would like to add to the permit type. *Note: If the submittal is not listed, it will need to be added through the Permitting Lookup Values page.
  6. The submittal will populate into the newly created row.
  7. Click Add. A row will appear where you can enter additional submittals as needed.
  8. Click Save.


Submittal options

The settings for each submittal will affect how the submittal is displayed and how it behaves on permits of this type.

  • Order: The display order determines the sequential order in which the submittals appear on permits of this type. Click the up arrow icon () to move the submittal to the top of the list.
  • Defer: Check this box if the submittal for this permit type should not be automatically required. *Note: A deferred submittal does not need to be addressed until the permit reaches the Closed state.
  • E-Plans: Check this box to allow submittals associated with this permit type to be digitally reviewed using an electronic plan review application such as Bluebeam. *Note: You must also check the Electronic Plan Review option in the Main tab options, as well as associate the submittal with a workflow step by clicking the Submittal Steps icon ().
  • Web Upload: Check this box to allow users to upload their documents associated with this submittal after creating a permit of this permit type on the Citizen Portal. Citizens are unable to attach documents to their application before submitting their permit request.
    • By default, the Rec'd Date Req. field and Acc'd Date Req. fields will be automatically checked when the Web Upload box is checked. This will require a citizen to upload the submittals prior to submitting their permit application. Uncheck these boxes to make the submittal optional prior to submitting the permit application for Citizen Portal users.
  • Rec'd Date Req: Check this box to require a received date for this submittal.
  • Acc'd Date Req: Check this box to require an accepted date for this submittal.
  • Sample Link: Specify a Sample Link. Once defined, a portal applicant can view the sample link or document from the Permit Submittals section of the permit application on the portal. If a link is available, the Submittal Name will display as a hyperlink.
  • Workflow Steps: Click the Submittal Steps icon () to associate workflow steps with this submittal. In order to associate workflow steps with the submittal, you will need to setup workflow steps on the Workflow tab first. Associating workflow steps with submittals will cause the submittal documents to appear in the workflow step when processing permits of this type.
    1. In the Submittal Steps window, select the step(s) that you need to associate with the permit type. *Note: The workflow steps are titled to indicate whether the step occurs during the Admin, Review, or Final stages of processing.
    2. Once selected, click Save.


  • Notes: Click the sticky note icon () to add any notes associated with this submittal. These notes can include attachments such as documents, pictures, or spreadsheets.
    1. Click Workflow/Submittal Association to see which submittals are associated with workflow steps.
  • Delete: Click the trash can icon () to remove a submittal from the list. The submittal will appear with a strike-through mark.