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Note types

Note Types are associated with any note created in SmartGov. Notes can be created from many locations within each module and will display on the Notes tab of each record. Notes can include important text as well as attachments and relevant URLs. Once you have configured Note Types, you will need to configure Allowed Note Types to determine where on a record in SmartGov these note types will be available for use, such as the Fees tab or the Submittals tab.

Creating a note type

  1. Click on Administration from the navigation menu.
  2. Select Jurisdiction Setup.
  3. Click on Note Types.
  4. Click Create New.
  5. Enter a Name and Description for the note type.
  6. Select the appropriate Category.
    • Cancel notes allow you to list a reason for canceling a permit, case, or receipt.
    • Cycle Stop notes will only be available when you are ending a cycle review on cycling permits.
    • Deficiency notes are added to workflow steps. These are typically configured to populate on the deficiency reports for permits.
    • Hold notes will prevent a permit or license from being issued. If the note is added after the permit or license is issued, it will prevent the permit or license from being closed. Hold notes can also be added to a parcel to hold a permit or license associated with the parcel from being issued.
    • Remark notes allow users to add a note without affecting any other aspect of the record.
    • Report notes are used when a report is attached to a case. This note type will be used when a renewal job is run as well as when a report is generated and attached to a record.
    • Stop Clock notes will stop the clock from counting the days it takes to process a permit. Users can use Stop Clock notes when they are waiting for a customer to respond with resubmittal information.
    • Tag notes will trigger an Alert window to display when a user navigates to a permit or case that is associated with the tag. Users are able to ignore this alert and continue processing the record.
    • Close notes allow users to enter a reason for closing a record.
  7. Click Save.


Creating note codes

After the note type has been saved, a Note Codes section will display. Note codes will display in a drop-down menu when their associated note type has been selected. This gives the user a quick way to enter note text and enables consistency throughout notes in SmartGov.


  1. Click Add.
  2. Enter a Name and Description for the note code. *Note: Both of these fields will display in the Note Code drop-down menu when creating a note.
  3. Enter the Text for the note code. *Note: This text will automatically populate in the Text field on the note.
  4. Repeat this process to add any additional note codes.
  5. Click Save.


Deleting a note type

If a note type has not been used, it can be deleted.

  1. Click on Administration from the navigation menu.
  2. Select Jurisdiction Setup.
  3. Click on Note Types.
  4. Select the note type from this list.
  5. Click Delete at the bottom of the page.
  6. In the window that displays, click Delete Record.
  7. If the note type has been used but is no longer needed, uncheck the Active box and click Save.