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Release Notes 08.15.2019

Group the Results of Reports by Parent Location

Now when you run certain reports in TheWorxHub, the results of those reports can be grouped by Parent Location to make the information that is displayed easier to understand. In order to apply this to the report results, you can select Location Rollup from the Grouping drop down menu on the following reports:

  • Simple Work Order Listing

  • Work Order Cost Details


Space Utilization is now Displayed to the right of a Drawing

Previously when accessing the Usage of a drawing in the Space Management module, the information was displayed above the drawing. Now, a panel extends to the right of the drawing to allow users to view the drawing and utilization information at the same time.



Organizer and Attendees fields are now Drop Down Menus on the Room Booking Search page

Now when users attempt to search for a room booking, they can select the Organizer and Attendees from drop down menus instead of reactive search fields. This improves how quickly the search loads the results.


Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved the performance of searching using the “Find Anything” action within MobileWorx.

  • Fixed an issue with the Simple Survey Listing report that prevented users from selecting multiple surveys.

  • Fixed an issue when adding locations using the Location Manager that caused error messages to display when the new location was saved.
  • Fixed an issue with trip billings that prevented trips that had the "Mark as Billable" box checked from displaying on the Trip Billings list.
  • Fixed an issue with the room booking calendar that caused the error message "This location is unavailable because the parent location has been booked" to display for incorrect locations.
  • Fixed an issue with trip billings that caused residents to be billed for a trip even when they did not go on the trip.

Space Management Release 07.12.2019

A brand new module is now available for TheWorxHub! The Space Management module allows you to upload facility drawings and map them to locations in your account to gain better visualization and understanding of your work. You can add Layers and display the important information about work orders and assets with ease. *Note: Space Management is an add-on module and is available by request. Contact your Account Executive for more information!


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