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SmartGov 2.261.0 Release Notes - 01.20.2022

Added option to allow contractors to copy permit applications

In the last SmartGov release, a configuration option was added to the back office permit type to allow Citizen Portal users to copy a permit application of the configured type. This option is only available when a permit type is configured to "Accept Portal Applications". Now, if a permit type has been configured to allow this and is active, you can click the Copy Application link on a permit from the Citizen Portal to copy the permit. You will then be able to define what information is copied to the new application.


Added new search filter options to recurring inspection accounts and recurring inspection intervals lists

Two new columns have been added to the Recurring Inspections Accounts and Recurring Inspections Interval lists. The new columns are named Requires Reinspect and Awaiting Scheduling, and have been added to allow better visibility of recurring inspections, either because the first inspection was failed, or because an inspection had been requested but not yet scheduled. Both new columns are optional, searchable and sortable.


Added new search filter option to the user to do list

You can now use the Include Requires Re-inspection checkbox filter on the user to do list to view inspections that require re-inspection in the list. This will benefit inspectors who use the back office user to do list to manage their daily tasks.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Miscellaneous defects were addressed.

Archived Release Notes

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