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Release Notes 03.08.2019

"Per Facility" Reporting Enhancement

A new option called "per facility" has been added to over 35 facility historical reports in Energy Manager. When this option is selected, the program will generate a separate report or graph for each facility matching the criteria. This is a time-saving feature that allows the user to run reports at the individual facility level without having to manually select each facility and run the reports separately. In addition, the software used to export reports has been updated and should reduce load times for PDF and Excel files. This improvement will be most noticeable with larger reports.


New Reports

  • Facility Ranking by Funding Source Report: For clients who have the Funding Source Allocation module enabled, this new report can be used to rank usage, cost, unit cost, use/sqft, and cost/sqft by funding source for one or more selected facilities.
  • Historical Average vs. Current Report: This new report has been added in the Use & Cost / All Utilities - Historical section. It allows the user to view two columns side by side showing the average usage, cost, and use/sqft for a specified number of years (up to 10), compared to the same data for the current period. The user also has the ability to specify and display "zones" on the chart showing positive or negative results based on percentages above or below the historical average.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Avoided Cost: When regressions are executed, 15 additional mathematical statistics will be retrieved and stored. These statistics will be viewable in the Facility Avoided Cost Setup module, the Avoided Cost Global Setup module, and the Avoided Cost Setup Specifications report:
    • Adjusted R2
    • Coeff. Of Variation (RSME)
    • Standard Error
    • Sum of Squares
    • p-Value
    • f-Statistic
    • Degrees of Freedom
    • Auto-Correlation
    • Residuals Abs CUSUM
    • Standard Error and p-Value for HDD, CDD, and/or Production metrics
  • Batch Management: When a user attempts to validate one or more batches, they will now have the option to show actual and billed demand (kW) variances in addition to bill days, usage, cost, and unit cost.
  • Data Exports: A user can now select a group/subgroup or selected facilities when exporting data at the facility level. For exports at the vendor, account, or meter level, the data can now be dynamically filtered by facility, vendor, account, and meter service.
  • Dashboard: A new button has been added on the Announcements tab that will allow administrative users to edit the announcements directly in the Dashboard instead of having to navigate to the organization settings page.
  • ENERGY STAR: Made a variety of updates to property use types to accommodate the schema changes implemented by the ENERGY STAR program beginning in March of 2019. Also, a new property use type was added for "Residential Care Facility".
  • Production Metric Imports: A user can now specify that the import file contains one or more header rows.
  • Account Review Report: Added a new option to aggregate billing data by Service 'From' and 'Thru' dates instead of by Bill Date. This will allow a more accurate depiction of usage and cost by month when billing corrections are common.
  • Bill Validation Report: A user can now (optionally) display variances in electricity demand (kW) in addition to variances for bill days, usage, cost, and unit cost.
  • Energy Use & Cost Report: Added the ability to select which energy services are displayed on the report. The data for services not selected will be aggregated in the Other Energy column totals.
  • Utility Data by Funding Source Report: For clients who utilize the Funding Sources component, there is a new option to display Late Fees on this report. In order to be recognized as a late fee charge, each appropriate line item type must have its subtype set to "Late Fees".
  • Load Factor: Load Factor is now available on select reports. Load Factor is a measure of the utilization rate, or efficiency of electrical energy usage. Load Factor = Total kWh / (max kW * # of days * 24 hours). This is now a data item option on the following reports:
    • Facility Heatmap Comparison
    • Facility Ranking Chart
    • Historical Data Service
    • Monthly Use & Cost by Facility
    • Treemap Facility Ranking
    • Custom Historical Use & Cost
    • Custom Use & Cost Ranking
  • Dashboard: Fixed an issue where changing the facility level (to group/subgroup, selected facilities, or a single facility) on an individual report was causing problems with the Dashboard facility level control when the user returned to the Main Menu.
  • Bill Imports: Fixed an issue which caused imported bills for master accounts to not be correctly allocated to their subsidiary accounts.
  • Facility Mapping: Fixed an issue where maps were no longer being displayed properly for some users of Internet Explorer 11.
  • Occupancy Schedules: Fixed an issue which affected the "week" view calendar display.
  • Facility Use and Cost by Group Report: Fixed an issue which caused the Grand Totals row to not show at the bottom of the report.

Archived Release Notes

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