What's Coming to Asset Essentials Mobile

Asset Essentials Mobile Improvements

Our upcoming update adds the Ellipsis button to the Work Order List and the Refresh button to the Dashboard. Since technicians, at times, are required to travel to various locations to perform their duties and complete their work orders, this improvement will help them to plan their day ahead of time to make their lives easier.

Quick Reference to Work Order Address

An Ellipsis button has been added to the Work Order list view. The Ellipsis button will appear on Work Order cards for Work Orders with an address. When a technician taps on the Ellipsis button, a slide-up displays the address of the work order for the technician, thus eliminating the need to open the work order. This feature will be available both online and offline.

Mobile App Dashboard Refresh

Technicians will be able to manually refresh the mobile app dashboard by tapping the Refresh icon to see the most recent work order updates and reduce the navigation needed within the mobile application.