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Release Notes 08.08.2019

Data Integrity Enhancement

We have removed the ability to delete users from Asset Essentials. Deleting users can cause issues with reporting and data integrity. To stop a user from accessing Asset Essentials, please utilize the disable user feature.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where the chart was not populating on the weekly calendar.
  • Fixed an issue where no subject could be entered when using the work order email feature.
  • Fixed an issue where parts were not being saved when using the Quick Part Entry form.
  • Fixed error on the PM summary page when filtering PMs based on schedule type.
  • Fixed an issue where PMs in the same stacking group would not generate work orders for each individual asset associated with a parent asset.

Release Notes 07.29.2019

TRY NOW! Work Order Form Enhancement

The Asset Essentials work order form will be receiving an upgrade! We will be updating the work order form with a more modern look and feel. You now have the opportunity to try out the new work order form using the toggle feature before it becomes standard in your account in August.

Important Things to Know About the Toggle Feature

  • The toggle feature is a temporary option that allows you to interact with our new work order form for a period of time before it becomes standard in your account.
  • Before turning on the toggle feature, for any new work order or existing work order, be sure to save all changes to the work order form that you are actively editing.
  • When turning on the toggle feature, this will only affect your individual user account and will remain active until you manually turn it off.


New Work Order Form

Old Work Order Form

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