What's New in Asset Essentials?

Mobile Version 1.71 release notes - 10.05.2021

Streamlined Work Order Timers functionality

We have enhanced the Work Order Timers functionality available on the Asset Essentials mobile application. Technicians using work order timers on their mobile application to track the time it takes to complete work will now experience a simplified, more intuitive workflow. The improvements will provide more accountability and accuracy in labor metrics.


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  • The Stopwatch Icon () in the top-right corner of the navigation bar will always be visible when you do not have any timers running. Tapping the Stopwatch Icon displays a pop-up message with a prompt to start a timer. With a timer running, you can access other areas of the application by tapping Back.


  • On the Work Orders list page, any work orders with an active timer will appear at the top of the list, highlighted in green displaying an In Progress status. If you view any work order other than the one with a running timer, the option to begin a new timer will not display.

  • When a timer is stopped​, a labor entry is automatically created.

  • To view all entries, navigate to Labor > Labor Log. If you need to make an adjustment and have permission to do so, tap on the entry name.

New Navigate to Work Order button

For work orders with an address listed, users can now tap on the map in the address section on the Work Order Details page to open the default mapping application on their device. This will display directions from their current location to the address of the work order. *Note: This update will only appear in accounts that have ESRI enabled.


Web Version 2.84.1 release notes - 10.05.2021

Updated look and feel for requester My Profile page

The My Profile page for requesters has been upgraded with a simpler user interface. This upgrade provides a better user experience by reducing the amount of time it takes for a requester to edit their profile information.


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Russian language now available

The Russian language is now available in the list of Cultures.

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