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Creating a Bookmark or Desktop Shortcut

Creating a bookmark or desktop shortcut can allow you to quickly access the login page for your Brightly product. Bookmarks (or favorites) are created and accessed through your chosen internet browser. Desktop shortcuts are saved to your desktop and will open your selected browser to the saved URL. These options will not automatically log you into the product, but they will open the login page quickly for you to enter your credentials and log in. *Note: This process may vary depending on your version of Windows (PC) or OSX (Mac) and the browser you are using.

How to Create and Edit a Bookmark/Favorite

An easy way to access the login page for your Brightly' applications is to create a 'favorite' or 'bookmark' in your favorite web browser. Below are instructions for creating or editing a favorite or bookmark in a few of the most common browsers.


How to Create a Desktop Shortcut

You can also save a shortcut to your desktop that will open your internet browser directly to your login page. Below are instructions for both Windows and Mac machines, however the process may vary depending on the version of your operating system.



       Bright Idea:

If you are having trouble successfully navigating to a saved bookmark, favorite, or shortcut follow the steps below: 

  1. Delete the bookmark, favorite, or shortcut
  2. Clear cache on your browser
  3. Recreate the bookmark, favorite, or shortcut.