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Creating a Task

Tasks in Event Manager allow you to assign the work that needs to be done for events to the right people. To create a task:


  • Click Tasks from the side navigation menu to open the task list.
  • Click Add a Task to open the Create a Task window.
  • Select the Status of the task you are adding. *Note: The task will default to the status of New.



  • Enter a Task Name. This is the main way that you will distinguish tasks from each other in the task list.
  • Enter a Task Description. This should be used to provide more detailed information that will give the task assignee the specific instructions for the task. *Note: There is a limit of 500 characters for this field.
  • Select a task Type from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the Priority for this task.
  • Assign a user to this task by selecting their name from the Assign to dropdown menu. *Note: If you have selected a user as the default assignee for a specific task type, their name will autopopulate here, though the assignment can be changed.



  • Select the Event this task is tied to if applicable.
  • Select a Time and Date under Due Date for the task to be done by. *Note: If this task has been tied to an event, you have the option to set the task due date relative to the event start date.



  • The Reminder will be set automatically based on your Task Settings, but can be easily adjusted or removed. *Note: In addition to the email reminder set here, the assignee will also receive an initial email notification informing them of the task being assigned to them.
  • Enter the number of days or hours before the task is due for the email notification to go out.
  • Attach a file or image to the task by either:
    • Choosing to Upload an attachment by locating the file on your computer, or pasting the attachment URL in the text field.


    • Clicking Choose From Library to find an attachment that has been added to the Event Publisher media library.
  • There are two Save options available:
    • Click Save to finalize your changes.
    • Click Save & Add to finalize your changes and begin creating a new task.



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