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Question Library

The Question Library displays any Saved Question that have been created from a survey. A Saved Question is a question that can be added to multiple surveys, allowing for aggregated data which displays on the Surveys Dashboard.


To access the Question Library:

  • Click on the Surveys menu option to expand it.
  • Click on Question Library.

Navigating the Question Library

  • Times Used: This will display how many times this question has been used on a survey.
  • Results: Click here to view individual responses to this question.
  • Archive: Archiving a saved question will remove it from this question list and the list of saved questions that can be used when building a survey. In addition, the aggregated data from this saved question will no longer show on the survey dashboard or in the survey reporting feature.
    • To access archived questions, click the View Archived Questions link at the top of the saved questions list. An archived question can be restored at any time.



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