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Connect Athletics

Connect Athletics is an integration between Event Manager and ArbiterGame that allows athletic events from ArbiterGame to sync to your Event Manager account. This can help remove the guesswork of renting facilities, eliminate double data entry, and allow you to handle last-minute changes or event cancellations. *Note: Connect Athletics only functions with ArbiterGame at this time. If you are interested in using this feature, please contact Client Services for more information.

How to configure Connect Athletics

  1. Click on Settings from the navigation menu.
  2. Under the Global Administration section, click on the Arbiter Sync tile.
  3. Select Edit from the Actions drop-down menu next to the school that you would like to associate to your sites in Event Manager. This will allow you to activate the sync for a school, define the game types that should sync to your account, and map your locations. *Note: When associated to a school you will see the name of the site displayed in the Event Manger Site Name column. If no site is listed, the school and the site are not associated. Contact Client Services if you do not see a school that should be in the ArbiterGames School Name list.


Sync mapping

  1. Select the Event Manager site from the drop-down to map it to the appropriate school from ArbiterGame.
  2. Check the box under Activate the Arbiter Game Sync when you are ready to sync games to Event Manager.
  3. Under Game Types To Sync, check the box next to each type of game that should be synced when the integration is active. *Note: If you do not check any game types, all games will be synced, regardless of type.



  1. Next to each ArbiterGames Site/Subsite Name, select the appropriate Event Manager Location Name from the drop-down menu. *Note: Proper configuration requires a 1 to 1 map of a site in ArbiterGame to a location in Event Manager. If a facility is not mapped, the games for that facility will still sync, however the events created in Event Manager will not be assigned to a location.
  2. Click Save to finalize any changes you have made. *Note: Once the sync is activated, all future events entered in ArbiterGame that match these criteria will be pushed to Event Manager. To bring over previously entered games, perform a Manual Sync.


       Bright Idea:

Once you have configured the sync for the desired schools, future games entered into ArbiterGame for the mapped facilities should push over automatically. Once a game is added in ArbiterGame, it usually takes a few minutes to appear in Event Manager. After the event has synced, it will be approved automatically and will display on the appropriate calendar. *Note: In the event that a time zone cannot be determined from ArbiterGame, the date/time will be assumed to match the same time zone as the destination Event Manager site.



How to manually sync games from ArbiterGame

Once you have mapped your ArbiterGame facilities to your locations in Event Manager and the sync is active for a school, it is best practice to run a manual sync of games for that school to bring over events that have previously been added to ArbiterGame. You can run a manual sync at any time to verify that all games have synced correctly.


To manually sync games:

  1. Next to Set Start Date, select the manual sync start date. All games that have been entered from 30 days prior to the selected date and all future dates will push to Event Manager when the sync is run. *Note: The synced games will be determined based on the selected Game Types to Sync for each school.
  2. Click Manual Sync. This will run the sync for all schools that have a value of "Yes" in the Active column.