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Event Manager Overview

Event Manager is an online event and calendar management solution that allows you to publish and share events with your community. Depending on your contract, you may have the ability to create more than one calendar within your account. If you do not currently own Event Manager and would like more information, please click here.


Below, you will find a list of commonly used terminology that will be important to understand as you work with Event Manager.


  • Tenant License: contains all of your calendar sites, users, and other features. You may see this also referred to as the Tenant.
  • Tenant Calendar: the first calendar created with your License, often the master (or roll-up) calendar. This calendar will be created for you by Dude Solutions.
  • Site(s): you can have 1 site (your Tenant Calendar) or if you have purchased additional licenses, you can have multiple Calendar Sites. These are typically used when you want to specifically group event content. Each Site is given its own URL and can have unique properties, so settings applied to one Site may not affect other Sites. The content of Sites can display on the Tenant Calendar or remain separate.
  • In the example below, this Tenant License has 3 calendar sites:
    • Site 1: Tenant Calendar,
    • Site 2: Academic Calendar,
    • Site 3: College of Medicine,



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