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Surveys dashboard

The surveys dashboard comprises two sections: a display of aggregated data from chosen saved questions, as well as a list of your surveys.


To access the Surveys Dashboard:

  1. Click on the Surveys menu option to expand it.
  2. Click on Dashboard.

Dashboard widgets

The top section of the dashboard is where you will benefit from creating Saved Questions. A Saved Question, which can be used across multiple surveys, generates data that can then be aggregated and viewed here. For each of the three available widgets, you can choose which Saved Question’s data is displayed.

  1. Click on the gear icon on a widget.
  2. Select the Saved Question from the drop down menu.
  3. If needed, you can further filter the data by selecting a Category.
  4. Choose a Time Frame.
  5. Click Save.


Survey list

The bottom section of the Surveys Dashboard displays all surveys that have not yet been archived.

Navigating the survey list

  • Active: Use this toggle to make a survey active or inactive. *Note: Active surveys can be answered by anyone with access to the survey link.
  • Responses: The number of survey submissions will display here.
  • Results: Click on Results to view a dashboard of survey information, including days the survey has been live, completion information, as well as individual survey question responses.
  • Share: The Share option will give you a link to the survey. As long as the survey is active, anyone with this link will be able to submit survey responses.
  • View: Click here to see the published view of the survey.
  • Edit: The survey can be edited as long as it is not active, and has no responses.
  • Archive: The survey can be archived when it is no longer active, and the survey data no longer needs to be included on the survey dashboard.
    • To access archived survey data, click the View Archived Surveys link at the top of the survey list. An archived survey can be restored at any time.