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Searching for a Location

The community portal provides a number of ways to find and access the facilities that you need, whether by using the search option at the top of the portal, the featured locations panel, or the filters panel.

Pick the Perfect Location for Your Next Event

This panel allows you to filter your search by the kind of location you need, the date of your event, and the range of time you will need to use the location.

  • What kind of location do you need?: Enter a type of location such as Classroom or Field.
  • When is the event?: Click Start Date and then select the date that you need.
  • When do you need availability?: Select your start and end times in the available fields.
  • Click Search Locations to view the list of locations available on your date and time.


Featured Locations

Featured locations are the facilities that the organization you are renting from wishes to highlight for usage.


To access one of these locations:

  • Click the View button on the location you wish to learn more about. This will open the details of the location, including the capacity, booking requirements, available room setups, type of space, uses, and a description, if available.


Using Check Availability

To check availability for the selected location:

  • Select either Choose Dates or Repeat Weekly.
    • Choose Dates allows you to select one or multiple dates from the calendar, depending on your needs.
      • Select a Start and End time.
      • Click on the date(s) you want for your event.
      • Click Continue Creating # Event(s).



    • Repeat Weekly allows you to set up a recurring pattern of events.
      • Select a Start and End time.
      • Select a Start and End date.
      • Click on the appropriate day(s) of the week.
      • Click Continue Creating # Event(s).


Filters Panel

The filters panel offers a powerful way to quickly find the facility you need. You can search for a location by location, setups, capacity, features, usage, type, or specific availability.